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Are you looking for an emergency garage door repair service? Frank Gay Services Orlando is the number one commercial and residential garage door repair company in Orlando. For more than four decades, we have served the Orlando community with instant, same day and awkward hour emergency services. We boast thousands of impressed customers who always give us a call when they have a garage door emergency. We ensure that you receive the best quality repair work on the entire garage door, the door opener or any other components of the door such as safety eyes, cables, remotes, springs and much more at a pocket-friendly price. We want you to always do business with us, so you no longer have to worry about your garage door. Your door will work perfectly each time you hit the open button, and it will never cost you much if it has a fault. Get in touch with us for the best garage door repair service in Orlando.


Is there a broken spring on your door? Frank Gay Services of Orlando is a company specializing in the replacement of broken overhead garage door springs. We have replaced and fixed thousands of faulty garage door springs so we have the skills to efficiently and safely get your garage door operating again. A majority of companies offering garage door repair services will lure you into buying their cheap springs since it appears to be an excellent deal, but they will not serve you for long. Is super low price the right choice to go by? Not at all. Some of the springs our competitors install are low-quality and could be dangerous as well. Always be on the lookout for companies trying to sell you their cheap springs. They will not give you a warranty for the springs, and you will have to deal with a broken spring after a few months. We offer high-quality, robust springs that last at incredibly low prices. Reach out to us for the best garage door spring repair service in Orlando.


Are you working with a licensed garage door repair company? You have probably not thought of it, or it is the least of your concerns. Here is why you need to care: The Florida State law requires all garage door repair companies to have a license permitting them to perform garage door service. Any Orlando garage door repair company must have a permit for them to perform installation operation and must produce a work permit each time they do so. If they fail to provide a license, you as the building or homeowner could be held accountable for anything that happens, and you could be fined as well. Be sure to ascertain that the garage door company you are working with is not only licensed but also insured and bonded in the State of Florida. Through this, you are bound to receive high-quality garage door repair services as well as protect yourself from liabilities and fines. We as Frank Gay Services have earned the trust of the Orlando community and have served for more than 42 years. Call us Today!


For how long has your garage door repair company been operational? Are they a legitimate company? Frank Gay Services of Orlando is a company that has served the Orlando community for four decades offering competitive commercial and residential garage door repair services. Other garage door companies could just be two guys owning a truck and with a fancy name - inexperienced and unlicensed. Many people often think that they can just build a website, pay for Google placement and bang, there is a garage door service company. That is not how we operate. The many years of experience below our belt are just enough to support our claims of quality, prompt service and attention to detail. We are a licensed company with our name being a respected brand in Orlando and the greater Florida. People know that we are a trustworthy company and they always call us for their garage door repair needs. We are hoping to earn your trust and business as well. Please inform us how we could be of assistance.


Are you looking for a brand new garage door opener or just a garage door? This must be exciting. We know that this might not be so exciting for you, but we would love to offer a helping hand with new garage doors and openers. Nothing is as function enhancing and impactful as giving your garage doors and openers a facelift. A new garage door will not only amuse your neighbors but also increase the value of your home. Most of our garage doors have an efficient design that can help save on your heating and cooling costs. New garage doors often come in different styles and are extremely maintenance free. Give us a call today and let us show you our collection of garage doors from some of the most prominent brands in the market. We can also assist with the installation of a new garage opener that is quieter and high tech than the old one. We can't wait to speak with you on matters overhead garage door or garage door opener and provide you with high-quality yet incredibly affordable options.


Are you stuck? Do you need an Orlando garage door repair today? We are here to help. Do not let any garage door repair service take advantage of you and your emergency. At Frank Gay Services of Orlando, we ensure you receive fast and prompt attention to all your garage door needs - whether it is a faulty door remote, loose cables, broken spring or anything else that needs quick attention. We will never take advantage of your situation and try to overcharge you for your distress call. We will ensure that you only pay what you should have paid under normal circumstances without adding extra fees for the prompt response and high-quality service. And as we, we would be glad to do business with you for as long as possible so exploiting and overcharging you would be a foolish act and is not part of how we do business. Our same day service comes at low and affordable prices, so you don't have to worry about staying for days with a faulty garage door. Why not call us now.


Are you looking for a professional commercial garage door company? As you will probably discover, a majority of garage door services do not offer commercial repairs and are only limited to residential maintenance. Frank Gay Services of Orlando is the number one commercial garage door installation and repair company. We do industrial and commercial roll-up doors, jackshaft door opener repairs and dock doors for an incredibly low price. Your business must run smoothly so you do not want to have garage door problems as a thing you will have to deal with. We are aware of this and have helped many businesses in Orlando in the many years we have been operating. Our reputation says everything about our company since we have many commercial maintenance packages that help prevent emergency situations that could put your business operations on hold for things to be fixed. Don't hesitate to give us a call for Orlando Commercial Garage Door service.


When we say our prices are affordable, we really mean it. We are aware that price is one of the most important factors people consider. We do not want to compromise our quality, products, and artistry so we will do an excellent job and have you doing business with us forever. That's how we are able to provide the incredibly low prices. Most of our competitors think that exploiting customers in their emergency repair situations is the best idea. Most of them believe that quoting a super low price and doing a shoddy job is the best idea. They believe that offering cheap garage door parts that break quickly is the best idea. And we think those are terrible ideas. We will provide you with high-quality door parts, an honest service and the most affordable price is the best way to go. We will always work within your budget and ensure you are impressed with our work. All we want is for you to have the best experience with our service and spread the same message to your neighbors and friends. Call us now.