Insurance Claims

Did you know that the insurance company for home or business will pay for the following,

Any sudden and incidental damages, the insurance company have to put your business or home back to its original position. This is why you pay yearly insurance, not to abuse it but if its a honest claim then the insurance company will understand and appreciate your honesty. In the unlikely event something does happen, you are insured against your personal exposure or savings. In most cases you will be liable to us for the deductible which is typically, $300, $500, $1000 plus you will be responsible to pay for a few hours of work to fix a pipe or a fitting. The insurance company should pay all of the cost to get to the issue. Also to put back all materials equal or better than what you use to have. For example; say you have under the concrete floor of your home a copper pipe which you heard started to run after lightning struck close to your home. More than likely the lightning was pulled under your home, because your copper piping under your home is used as a ground for your electrical service. To test this fact go outside and look at your hose bibbs or outside faucet and you will see electrical ground coming off of your outside electrical panel connecting to your hose bib. We also have a service where we remove that, drive a 10 foot galvanized rod into the ground next to your home, remove the electrical ground from hose bib and hook it to ground rod so when lightning strikes, it will go to the ground rod, instead of your copper piping most of the time. So back to example, if you had a leak on your water line under your house you need to check your water meter (do not put your hand in a meter you do not see, there could be spiders or snakes that could cause harm; as seen below),so we can see how much water you are losing, we use leak detection equipment to pin point the leak, a jack hammer to knock a hole in concrete floor, then we fix the leak which usually takes an hour to an hour and a half, which you need to pay us for that long with your deductible. As mentioned the insurance company would be liable for removing any flooring, tile, hardwood, marble, granite and reinstalling + removing of any fixtures such as tubs, toilets, laboratories, to be able to gain access. So a lot of the time depending on where the leak is located and the materials which we have to remove in an honest fashion the insurance company may save money by repiping your home. When it comes to replacing cast iron sewer piping the floor would either have to be cut or we would have to tunnel under your home and hang piping. In most of these cases 95% of the cost the insurance company will be responsible for paying those cost. It is our goal to be fair and honest with the insurance company although we would also look out for your interest and help you put your home back into its original position. Which include General Contracting, wood flooring, carpet, drywall repair, painting, plus we do plumbing, electrical services and all Air Conditioning and Heating Services. So we are a turn key one stop shop for your convenience. Why take off 3-4 days of work meeting different sub-contractors when we can handle the complete full job and any permits that may be required and make you satisfied. They typically will get too the issue be it a broken pipe, rotted sewer piping like cast-iron, bad chilled water piping which have deteriorated, they typically will not do electrical panels and they wont do boilers.

  • If you have any issues with cast iron piping, which is sewer piping, call us today for a free estimate!
  • If you have any issues with deteriorated water piping call us today for a free estimate!
  • Any issues with chilled water piping, call us today for a free estimate.
  • Any issues with storm or drainage piping please call us today for a free estimate.
  • Any lighting leaks, lighting strikes, which will typically leave a hole in your copper piping, let us repair it and show you how to prevent it from happening in the future.



We can come out with your insurance company and put it all back together while saving you money.

Examples of Insurance Claims:

  • Hail Storm
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Air Conditioning drain line backed up or sewer backed up
  • Lightning hits your A/C unit or under ground refrigeration lines or chilled water lines. – We will come out and replace your A/C unit while working with your insurance company to save you money.
  • We are not public adjusters.  We have 42 years of experience in fixing your plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, carpentry, and water damage for your home or business – Frank Gay Services