About Frank Gay Services

Top Rated Local Service Company

Frank Gay Services has been servicing the Central Florida area for over 40 years. Frank started the company as a plumbing company and has expanded to include electrical, air conditioning and General Contracting services.


  1. Plumbing Services

  2. Electrical Services

  3. Air Conditioning and Heating Services

  4. General Contractor Service

Established in 1976, the company was founded on bringing honesty and integrity to all the customers it served.


Mark Twain remarked “Always do right, this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

This motto has served as the foundation for the success of what is now Frank Gay Services.

Work ethic, exceptional service, honesty and integrity have allowed us to expand our company from Orlando and to most major locations around Central Florida stretching from Daytona to the Tampa Region.


In June of 2002 a service branch in Tampa was opened to service residential and commercial clients better. We have a fleet of over 70+ vehicles on the road to be able quickly respond to our continuously growing customer demand. Our service has stretched from Key West to Jacksonville. With such commercial accounts as Publix, Walmart, and Lowes. With a team of elite technicians we are able to serve single family homes, condos and apartments all the way up to large commercial buildings. Our primary focus is remodeling work, service work and emergency repairs for Residential & Commercial projects. To better serve our clients we offer a wide range of services starting with maintenance contracts in plumbing and air conditioning all the way up to major remodeling and renovations.


All of Frank Gay’s technicians are fully licensed in their respective fields. As a company we strive to provide the best quality service from the best employees. Full background checks, drug testing and high standards are mandatory. We want every customer to be greeted with a smile from our professionally dressed technicians driving our company vehicles. From Frank, the owner, to all our technicians, each holds license in their respective field. All of our technicians have had a criminal background check and wear official Frank Gay uniforms as they drive our lettered vehicles.


We know our customer’s satisfaction is paramount to our success and make it our job to go above and beyond to make sure you get the best quality service from the best company.


Frank Gay, owner of Frank Gay Plumbing Inc., founded his company in 1976.

He believes you can make a business work if you structure your business on basic fundamental principles:


Frank Gay’s Principles to Success

Value our Customers – We are a service and customers choose to do business with us – never take that for granted.

Hard Work – Frank Gay Services was built on hard work and it remains the foundation

Consistency – Customers want and rely on consistent work and service from a trusted company

Wisdom and Knowledge – We need to be the experts that you can rely on for sound advice

Honesty – Superior service from an honest company will always come out on top

Respect / the “Platinum Rule” – Treat others how they want to be treated


This is truly how Frank Gay and his staff believe

Frank Gay is a Master Plumber, the youngest to pass the Master Test at the time. Licenses that Frank Gay currently holds are listed below.


  • State License #CF-C057624
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas License #13914

Thank you for choosing Frank Gay Service and we look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come.