Why You Need A Licensed Lake Mary Electrician

Chances are, you know a guy who knows a guy who is supposedly pretty good with electrical work. There are a lot of "DIY" people out there who have taught themselves a great deal about electrical work. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, it can become problematic when they start marketing their newly learned skills to other homeowners. That is something you should always avoid.

Anytime you need electrical work done at your Lake Mary home, whether it's installing landscaping light or replacing electrical panels, you always want to rely on a licensed electrician. It's simply the smart choice to make. Especially if you consider what a huge investment your home has been. Let's look at a couple of reasons why you should only rely on licensed electricians like Frank Gay Services. This applies to regular work as well as 24/7 emergency services.

Less Risk For You

Overall, there is significantly less risk on your behalf when you choose to work with licensed professionals. This risk could be coming from several different potential problems.

First, what would you do if someone was injured at your home while performing electrical work? If that person was not licensed and insured, then it's very likely the bill would be on your hands. Not to mention the potential legal ramifications that could follow. Suddenly, that fifty bucks you were paying a guy to install new lights becomes thousands of dollars in medical and legal bills. This is one risk that you don't have to worry about if the electrician you work with is licensed and insured.

Lake Mary Electrician

Second, what would you do if your house were to burn down because of faulty wiring? If that wiring was not up to code, then it's likely your home insurance will not cover the loss. Not only has everyone in the house been put in danger, but you could lose your entire home over a simple mistake.

Small electrical mistakes cause big problems. It only takes one wire of the wrong gauge to overheat and start a fire that burns down a home. That's why licensed electricians in Lake Mary are trained in safety to an extreme. Not only safety but local regulations as well. Both of these aspects are important for the safety of your home and its inhabitants. There's no guarantee an unlicensed electrician is trained in either of these regards.

Financial Benefits

Though you might think you're saving money by using an unlicensed electrician, there are actually financial benefits for the alternative. In the long run, the money you save could be substantial. And this isn't including the potential costs that come from burning the house down.

The first financial benefit comes into play if you ever plan to sell your home in the future. The home will probably be inspected by someone the buyer has hired. They will inspect the wiring as well to ensure that everything is up to legal code. If not, then you'll find yourself paying to have the home rewired by a licensed electrician. Wouldn't it make sense to just start with that option and save yourself the money?

The second financial benefit comes from the fact that you'll only need to pay to have it fixed once, which means they get it right the first time. This certainly isn't always the case with an unlicensed electrician.

Licensed And Always Ready To Work

Our professionals are properly licensed, insured, and certified. We are ready to work around the clock, every day of the year. Whether you need emergency electrical service, home rewiring, new outlets, or outdoor lighting, simply pick up your phone and call our office.