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Pex and Copper Repipe Service in Orlando

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If your home is 10-15 years old - your pipes might look like this! Maybe it is time for a re-pipe estimate.

I had to have my house re-piped and they were a life saver. Within a week I was able to have an estimate and the work complete. Alexandra set up everything for me and answered all of my questions. Joey and Dave finished the work in the time that they said. The pricing and service could not be beat.

Brandon Otto - Frank Gay Customer
Brandon Otto - Frank Gay Customer ORLANDO, FLORIDA

Residential & Commercial Repiping Services

Here's a breakdown of what repiping can mean for you...

  • Increase home value
  • Strong water pressure
  • Clean healthy water
  • Eliminate water loss
  • Improved water delivery

Whole Home Repipe in Orlando

Enjoy having a problem free plumbing pipe system without having to worry about a pipe leak Ever Again!

Frank Gay Services has completed over 10,000 Plumbing Repipes in Central Florida alone! We have gained the reputation as the #1 Re-pipe Company in Orlando, by giving our customers that extra level of service that other plumbing contractors cannot compete with.

Every Repipe we complete comes with a 10 year Year manufacturer warranty on parts and a 3 year labor warranty. and we honor that warranty to even if you sell your home. This will surely increase the value of your home to the potential buyer.

The process for a Plumbing Repiping job is as follow: Our Technicians will replace all the hot and cold water lines in your home. Typically we install the new piping in your home's attic and/or in the interior walls to supply water to your fixtures. (Toilets, Sinks, Showers, etc..)  Even if you do not have access to your attic, having a repipe is still possible, by running the pipes around the house and through your exterior walls.

We are WFTV Channel 9's Local Experts in Orlando.

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How do you know if it is time for a Repipe? 

If you have more than 1 leak in a year (from natural causes) it is most likely time for a repipe. The older your piping is, usually correlates to how often you will get pipe leaks. Need help with drain cleaning? We can help.

Do you have leak, and have copper pipes? 

The only way to prevent leaks from occuring is to get a plumbing Repipe. Once copper pipe starts corroding there is no stopping the progression.

Today we use technologically enhanced piping (pex, poly, etc..) These pipes once they are installed in your home or business will virtually last forever. Usually the only time they spring a leak is if a rat chews a hole in it (which doesn't happen often)!

Frank Gay Services
Since 2010, we have relied on Frank Gay Services for expert attention to our plumbing needs, from replacing fixtures to repairing leaks. Recently, when it became apparent that our problem with a series of leaks would require re-piping our entire home, we again relied on Frank Gay. Dave and Joe, re-piping specialists, worked efficiently and expertly and had all drops, valves, and connections in place and working properly within two days, as promised. Special thanks to Alex for scheduling and coordinating all work, including an inspection by the County, passed without any issues, and a visit by Skip, another tech, who quickly and expertly patched any and all access holes in our drywall needed for re-piping.
Written by: Paul Zubritsky
Frank Gay Plumbing Services
Date published: 09/30/2016
5***** / 5***** stars

Does Your Home Or Business Need A Repipe?

Do you have low water pressure?

Low water pressure is not common, if at anytime you feel that you have low water pressure, there may be some common underlying problems. Which can include pipe leak.

Do you sometimes get rust-colored water coming out of your faucets?

Rust can mean that you have old pipes and it is starting to rust. It is time you replace those old pipes so that you can have new ones to keep bad metals from contaminating your drinking water.

Do you get get scalded or frozen in the shower when someone flushes the toilet or turns on a faucet?

It may be that you are not getting enough water pressure or the hot water coming from the water heater is cold because the pipe is becoming rusted and leaking so it can't deliver the water.

Have you had leaks in your plumbing?

If you had leaks in your plumbing, it may be acting up again. So it is time to get it repipe so that you can prevent it from occurring again.

Do you want to prevent future problems from occurring?

To prevent future problems from occurring,  the best suggestions that we have is to re-pipe.

Do you want to protect your home or business investment?

The best way to protect your investment is to keep it in the best working condition. Repiping may be your best bet to get it to function for a long time.

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Did you answer yes to one or more of the questions above? Then having a repipe would be in the best interest.

Repiping fixes all the problems that you were concern with, saves you money and eliminates worry.

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