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Best Solar Power Solutions in Orlando

Here at Frank Gay Services Air Conditioning and Electric we have gone SOLAR!


How SunSource® Works


Solar modules capture energy from the sun and send it to your Lennox® solar-ready air conditioner or heat pump.


That energy is first used to heat and cool your home.


Energy that’s left over is used to power electronics and small appliances in your home.


If energy is still left over, it can potentially be sold back to your utility company, and possibly earn you a credit.

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Solar Panel Installation Orlando

It's about time you took full advantage of Florida's sunshine!

After all, Florida is definitely the sunshine state. Have you been taking full advantage of the bountiful and natural electricity source that shines down every day upon us? Well, you can now because here at Frank Gay Services we have gone solar! We are an Authorized installer of "THE SUNSOURCE® HOME ENERGY SYSTEM" BY LENNOX, and offer various solar product options now for your business or home, and Photovoltaic (PV) Solar panels.

Go solar and save a ton of money.

All of us want to help to promote a greener and cleaner planet, but I'm sure you would like to spend less on your electric bills as well. Were you aware of the fact that over the past decade that photovoltaic electricity (PV) production has grown faster than any other energy technology? Whether your goal is reducing how much you depend on fossil fuels or get your electric bills lower, the performance and reliability of solar power is the best it has ever been.

The advantages provided by solar power include the following:

- Provides remote power to areas where power isn't available
- Reduces our dependence on oil
- Very environmentally friendly
- Increases the value of your home
- Completely eliminates or reduces your electric bill
- Free power provided by the sun (absolutely no shortage!)
- Qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit

Doesn't that sound great? Keep reading to learn more about how your electric bills can be reduced and how your home can be powered by solar energy from the amazing solar technologies that are available these days.

Photovoltaic Solar Systems

Your Orlando business or home can be supplied with solar electricity through using one of our photovoltaic solar systems. The systems may be installed on many of the types of roofs that are found in the area of Central Florida. When you have a photovoltaic solar system installed, the sun will supply you with "no-cost" solar electricity, and you will even be able to sell back any power you don't end up using to the power company! Local power companies are increasingly encouraging owners of solar systems to sell back their excess electricity to them. The energy buy-back concept, which is referred to as "net-metering," assists power companies with during times of off-set peak energy output. It also puts money into your wallet. So everyone including the environment wins!

Photovoltaic solar electric panels in Orlando utilize sunlight for generating electricity. There is huge potential for this. With our current photovoltaic technology, all of the U.S. electric needs could be supplied by covering just one third of one percent of the land area in the country using modules. These systems do not include any moving parts. That means that after they are installed they will provide solar energy to Orlando as long as the sun is shining.