Tips For Choosing The Best Grand Rapids Dog Trainer

One of the best ways to have a great experience with your new dog is to put it through appropriate dog training. This way your dog will learn to understand the different commands you give and they will know what types of behaviors are appropriate. Regardless of whether you want your best friend to learn basic obedience, how to participate in dog sports, or even to learn advanced training, getting the best Grand Rapids dog trainer will play a big part in getting the results you want.

The Industry Is Unregulated

As a whole, the dog training industry does not have any specific regulations. This means that anyone can print out some business cards and advertise their services and claim to be the best grand rapids dog trainer. They may not have any specific background, experience, or education in the training of dogs. If you’re in the Grand Rapids area and you’re looking for a dog trainer then you want to make sure that they have real experience that you can depend on.

You can gain a lot of understanding about what they know and how much experience they have by asking them some key questions. Doing this is an important part of evaluating a potential trainer. You don’t want to just hand over your hard-earned money or your pet to someone you aren’t sure about. For this reason, you want to do your due diligence to make certain the trainer you’re considering is a good fit for both you and your dog.

What Is Their Training Philosophy And Methods?

Make time to speak with your potential trainer and ask them specifically what their philosophy is when it comes to training your pet. You’ll also want to know what specific methods they use to help train your dog. Listen to what they say and see if it resonates with you and if it’s something that you feel comfortable with. If for example, they use physical punishment as a deterrent then this is something that you may not be comfortable with.

On the other hand, they may use food treats as a reward system and that may not be the type of training you want to provide your dog. If that is the method that they use and it’s something you do feel comfortable with then that’s okay. Most successful trainers today do believe in rewarding good behavior rather than punishing bad behavior. The best Grand Rapids dog trainer will usually reward good behavior simply by acknowledging it.

Dogs have short term memory and if punishment is given for something, they often don’t know what it’s for. This can lead to behaviors that are problematic rather than helping them become well trained. This is why most successful trainers today use the reward system over punishing a dog for bad behavior.

A lot of trainers choose to use positive attention and petting as a reward rather than a treat. So this would be another consideration as well. Depending on the trainer, they may acknowledge that the dog has done well and this often is enough.

Know The Purpose Of Your Training

Different dog owners will have different reasons for taking their dog to be trained. If they have a dog that is exhibiting inappropriate behaviors such as chewing shoes or jumping on guests, then that dog owner will want to train the dog so that it stops doing the inappropriate behavior. Other dog owners are simply wanting to have better control over their dog and to help their pet understand what behaviors are appropriate.

It may also be that a dog owner wants to teach their dog how to participate in dog sports or other activities like how to be a guard dog or a companion dog. Once you know what you’re trying to accomplish with the training then the trainer can design a program specifically for what it is you’re trying to achieve. It also helps you know if you accomplished your goals for training when it is completed.